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What We Do

MIRO (Mainland Island Restoration Operation) is a volunteer group who work in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) in the East Harbour Regional Park (EHRP).


  • To protect and restore the natural forest and lakes ecosystem of EHRP
  • To eliminate pests, both plant and animal
  • To see vulnerable trees, birds, insects and fish flourish again
  • To reintroduce native species lost to the Park

What needs to be done?

Native flora and fauna will only flourish if introduced pests are removed. Pests include deer, goats, pigs, hedgehogs, feral cats, possums, rats, mice, and mustelids (weasels and stoats). Programmes to control these predators are operating and will be expanded.

Some of the work carried out by our volunteers:

  • Monitor and empty stoat and possum traps
  • Fill bait stations
  • Monitor pests and native species
  • Grow trees at our MIRO nursery

With the commitment of volunteers we can continue the restoration of this magnificent forest and wetland area.