North Island Robin

  North Island Robin
      NZ Robin / Toutouwai

North Island Robins (NIRs) were once found all over the North Island. They are found in wooded areas (they are a 'branch-hopper'), but have become range restricted and affected by high predator numbers and forest clearance. They now occupy only a very small proportion of their historic range in the Wellington region. There are surviving populations on Kapiti and, following reintroductions, Mana and Matiu-Somes Islands, and Zealandia.

Robins became extinct in East Harbour Regional Park (EHRP) in the late 19th century or early 20th century. They are unlikely to re-establish in the Park naturally. MIRO's NIR programme includes a comprehensive monitoring activity and the periodic release of birds in the MIRO/EHRP area to maintain population levels.

MIRO's work with NIRs is covered in the following reports:

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